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“Jayden is a truly talented artist. I had previously tried permanent make up for my eyebrows. My eyebrows turned red and were completely misshapen. I was mortified. Thanks to Jayden’s experience and talent, he was able to correct my eyebrows. I love what he has done for my appearance and my self-confidence! Thank you Jayden!” • Dana M.


“I was very hesitant to go through the procedure to have permanent eyebrows applied. I have seen them done on other people and some appeared red, misshapen or not the correct color. Jayden’s personalization and professionalism put me at ease. He took the time to explain skin undertones and helped me pick out the perfect color for my complexion. He is great with color profiles! I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results and will return to him, should I choose to have additional work done.” • Ana L.


“I just tried eyelash extensions for the first time…I am in love with the results! Jayden took his time to help me decide on a length that would best compliment my face and then individually applied each lash. The results were greater than expected and I especially like the compliments I’ve received since having them applied. I will definitely be returning to Jayden for a refill and/or reapplication when needed.” • Tiffany M.


“I have been wearing eyelash extensions for the past couple of years. The experience can be daunting. Sometimes they fall out after a couple of weeks and other times applications have left my eyelashes hard, and breakable. I was ready to swear off the permanent extensions and just go through the tedious process of self-applying supermarket lashes for special occasions. I am SO glad a friend recommended Jayden’s Beauty Studio 904, before I threw in the towel! He is so professional and knowledgeable about the application process. Unlike other salons that use only one length of lashes on your eyes, Jayden introduced me to the value of adding several different lengths of eyelashes to give a more natural, soft appearance. I love them! …best of all, it was extremely affordable, compared to other salons that don’t provide ½ the quality of service. I was so pleased with his service that I’ve made an appointment to go back for permanent eyebrows! I highly recommend Jayden’s Beauty Studio 904!” • DeeDee J. Houston, TX



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